Set of 2 Canvas Cotton Belts in a Bag One Size Fits All - Navy Red Khaki Themes

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  • Set of 2 belts in a cool gift pouch
  • Suitable for kahkis, jeans, shorts, or any cotton pants
  • Great for a lightweight feel
  • One size fits all - easily adjustable
  • Comes with a guide how to cut and adjust the belt

    Set of 2 belts. Lose the heavy leather this summer and pick up a set of light and fun cotton web belts! These belts are constructed from a sturdy woven cotton and are adjustable to be fitted to your customization. Wear any of these with your khakis, shorts, jeans or any casual wear. Measures 1.25" wide and 50" length that can be sized down to your specifications. These 2 belt sets are paired up for a great combo of color, pattern, and tone. For every day summer wear or a casual stroll on the beach, be sure to pick up this white base belt with antique bronze stripes and coordinating buckle accompanied by a solid tan belt too! Bonus: For some extra swag, leave the belt extra long and tuck the end in a loop! Consult our style card insert for more info. Belts come packaged in a nifty drawstring pouch instantly ready for a gift or stowaway! Sizing and style instructions included.