Olive Men's Jacquard Plaid Dress Shirt with French Cuffs Neck Tie Handkerchief Cufflinks Set

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  • 4 piece set: Dress shirt, neck tie, pocket square handkerchief, and cufflinks!
  • Long sleeve men's dress shirt
  • French cuffs with a matching spread collar
  • Whether dressing for work at the office, or attending a special event, these dress shirt and cufflinks combinations will make you look and feel confident and in style.
  • Assorted colors and sizes available. Great for weddings, parties, and place of business.

    Our men's jacquard plaid dress shirt set comes with French cuffs and a matching spread collar. This set also includes a complementing necktie and pocket square handkerchief, plus a pair of cufflinks! These shirts will keep you feeling in style as you go about your day and night. Available in various colors and sizes. Purchase each color to wear for different days at the office, and for different occasions and events.