Navy Blue Men's French Cuff White Stripes Dress Shirt with Collar Bar Neck Tie Hanky Cufflinks

  • 5 piece set: Dress shirt, neck tie, pocket square hanky, cufflinks, and collar bar!
  • This dress shirt, neck tie, and cufflinks combination will make you look and feel confident and in style. Whether dressing for work at the office, or attending a special event.
  • Solid white French cuffs with matching point collar
  • Available in various sizes and colors.
  • Great for weddings, parties, and for your place of business.

    Our men's white stripe pattern dress shirts sets come with a coordinating neck tie, handkerchief, a pair of dapper cufflinks, and a collar bar! Made of a cotton blend, this shirt will keep you feeling in style as go about your day and night. Features solid white French cuffs with a matching point collar. Available in various sizes and colors. Great for a day at the office, and for different occasions and events.