Jacob Alexander Matching Suspenders Handkerchief Cufflinks and Self-Tie Bow Tie Set

  • 4 piece set!
  • Elegant pair of high quality grosgrain suspenders. Grosgrain fabric joined in the back by a leather joiner patch and finished with an elastic strap for comfort and fit. Features metal clips, for secure fastening with easily adjustable slide hardware for a perfect fit. Clips and hardware finishes chosen specifically to complement the color of the fabric.
  • High end "drop-clip" closures features a leather trim between fabric and clip for a classier finish. Measures a classic 1.25" width and an adjustable length up to 48"
  • Bow tie measures 2.5" high and features an adjustable sliding neckband which can be adjusted to fit up to a size 21 neck. Premium quality microfiber fabric gives a soft silky yet durable feel. Medium satin finish – not too shiny and not too matte.Pocket Square for dress / formal wear made of premium quality microfiber fabric measures 12 inches by 12 inches square
  • Individually boxed trendy silk knots for your french cuff sleeves keeps your cuff closed in style; measures 0.5" x 1.0 inch

    SUSPENDERS: This is a Jacob Alexander pair of premium suspenders. Made in a Y-back formation, the front straps are crafted from a high end grosgrain ribbon. The dimensions are a classic 1.25" width with a comfortable adjustable standard 48" length. The Y-back meets at a leather joiner patch in back, either black or brown; colors were chosen to complement the fabric color. The suspenders fasten to your trousers with a clip connection. There is a leather drop-clip feature; a leather trimming between the fabric and the clip which adds a beautiful element to the suspender as well as an important functionality - keeping the fabric at full width without the appearance of squeezing when it connects to the clips. The clips and adjustable sliders are made of high-quality hardware finished in a color contrasting finish of either silver or gold - to complement the color of the fabric.

    HANDKERCHIEF: This is a solid color pocket square with a medium satin microfiber finish. The square measures a full 12" x 12".

    CUFFLINKS: Solid color Jacob Alexander silk knot cufflinks. Measures 0.5" x 1".

    BOW TIE: Solid color men's self tie bowtie with a medium satin microfiber finish. The bow measures 2.5" high and features an adjustable sliding neckband which can be adjusted to fit up to a size 21 neck.

    Part of the trademarked Jacob Alexander collection of men's and boy's neckwear and accessories.Our Jacob Alexander brand consists of Regular ties, XL ties, Slim ties, Skinny ties, Boys ties in regular self tie, 14" and 11" pre-tied zipper sizes. We also carry Hook and Loop Ties for infants, Pocket squares, Self tie bowties, and Pre-tied bowties for men and boys.

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