How to Wear a Bolo Tie

July 18, 2018 0 Comments

Bolo ties are the perfect compliment to a western style outfit.

Unfortunately, many simply don’t understand how to wear a bolo tie and fear the negative fashion consequences of wearing it the wrong way. Due to this, the bolo tie often gets left in the closet or, in some cases, never bought in the first place.

This guide to how to wear a bolo tie will teach you three techniques to wearing a bolo tie, what to wear with your bolo tie and how to wear your bolo tie with confidence, so you can perfect the western style outfit that is so  becoming more popular in america.

Formal Look (With a Button Up Shirt)

One of the best ways to wear a bolo tie is to wear it as a substitute for a more traditional tie.

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Bolo ties look great with a classic button up shirt and make for a perfect outfit compliment for special occasions, such as  weddings, first dates and even more laid back job interviews.

Wearing a bolo tie with a more formal look is a great way to stand out and get noticed in a positive way, a trait that a more traditional tie is unable to achieve.

Loose and Casual

Possibly the most common way to wear your bolo tie is in a more loose, casual manner.

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Instead of pulling your bolo tie all the way up to the top the next time you go out, try and leave it loose and achieve a more laid-back, casual look.

Wearing your bolo tie in a more casual manner works well with more casual outfits, such as a basic t-shirt or a more casual button up.

Wear Your Bolo Tie As An Accessory

Wearing your bolo tie as an accessory is a great way to spice up your outfit.

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There are numerous ways how to wear your bolo tie as an accessory, including as a necklace or choker. With that said, wearing your bolo tie as an accessory works best when you have the right outfit and are in the right social situation, such as hanging out with friends,  going to a rodeo or while out on a casual date.

What to Wear With Your Bolo Tie

Knowing how to wear a bolo tie depends in large part on what you are wearing. However, bolo ties bring so much life to your outfit that you can actually build your outfit around your bolo tie.

In order to do so, you will need to know what to wear with your bolo tie.

What you wear with your bolo tie will depend on the following factors:

  • How You Wear Your Bolo Tie
  • The Color of Your Bolo Tie
  • The Style of Your Bolo Tie
  • The Occasion

If you are going to a  more formal occasion, such as a wedding, that requires you to wear a suit, then you should go with a more traditional, less colorful bolo tie. On the other hand, you can be more bold. Regardless of the style, make sure your outfit matches your bolo tie.

3 Extra Tips on How to Wear a Bolo tie

If you take into account the social situation, style of your outfit and color scheme of your outfit, then you should have a good idea, with the help of this article, on how to wear a bolo tie.

However, I decided to leave you with a few last tips to help you perfect your bolo tie look.

  • Compliment Your Clothing

  • Just to reiterate, your clothing choice is crucial in deciding how to wear a bolo tie.

    If you go with a more casual look, then go with a more casual bolo tie style. If you plan to wear a more bold outfit, then get bold with your bolo tie style and color scheme as well.

  • Consider Your Shoes

  • Your shoes matter. A bolo tie that correlates well with your shoes or boots makes for one heck of a western style outfit.

    If you truly want to master the cowboy or cowgirl style outfit, then make sure to match your shoes and your bolo tie with one another.

  • Wear It With Confidence

  • Above all else,  be confident when you choose how to wear a bolo tie.

    Remember, confidence can make any outfit look great. Bolo ties are for those who aren’t afraid to be different and try new things, so be confident with your bolo tie choices.

    Be Creative

    Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new ways to wear your bolo tie. The beauty of a bolo tie is that there are numerous ways to wear it, which allows you to get creative.

    With the right creativity and a true personal touch, you may just be able to set a new trend with western style outfits.